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Ferragamo’s Flower Jewels

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Just in time for the holidays, Ferragamo’s newest collection of fine jewelry is perfectly dainty and feminine. Inspired by a favorite flower of the Salvatore Ferragamo estate, the Anemone, this collection is a perfect introduction to spring. The flower has been designed and crystallized with 18k pink gold, tourmaline, peridot, opal, and diamonds and incorporated into a variety of classic styles.

Ferragamo's Flowers Bouquet Ring - $12,300

Ferragamo’s Flowers Bouquet Ring – $12,300


Ferragamo’s Ear Stud Flowers – $1,400


Ferragamo’s Flowers Ring – $2,500


Ferragamo’s Flowers Bouquet Necklace – $21,000


Ferragamo’s Flowers Bouquet Earrings – $9,400

Rings, necklaces, and earrings, both simple and more ornate can be found for purchase on the Salvatore Ferragamo website.

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