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Shopping Strategy: Make a Statement Coats

Prim and proper or mystery woman – what’s really behind your coat style? Plan your coat shopping strategy so your outerwear reflects your inner self.

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The last piece on and the first thing off, coats make a powerful first impression. What does your outerwear reveal about you? Here’s my business card? Come hither? Or not a chance? Take a look at all the statements a winter coat can make.

  1. Animal prints and fur: You can’t quite pin down these wild and warm ones. She’s classic, interesting, mysterious, and likely has a valuable art collection. If not, she will soon…
  2. Leather: Made for protection, leather jackets are rugged, sleek and tough as nails. You’ll find her on her motorcycle, on the train or on the elevator. Where’s she going? No one dares to ask.
  3. Embroidered: Fanciful handiwork such as beaded embroidery and other feminine details point to her romantic side. This whimsical girl likely plays an instrument and writes (or reads) novels.
  4. Capes: A little bit superhero and a whole lot retro, a cape can save many wardrobes. She’s either at the coffeehouse or the opera, perfecting the art of effortless and modern style.
  5. Trench: A trench coat looks sexy over a suit that’s all business (or lingerie that means business). Running the board meeting one minute and dancing in the rain the next, a girl in a trench is always prepared.

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