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Shopping Strategy: Buy For The Occasion

Screen-Shot-2014-11-22-at-9.13.44-PMWhen you’re out and about shopping, sometimes its difficult to think about the occasion for which you are buying something– specifically pieces like shoes, jackets, and dresses. Instead of jumping into a “gotta-have-it” mindset, consider the three occasions for which you’ll always need to dress to impress:

  1. Work
  2. Dating/Nightlife
  3. Daytime events

Considering these three options will leave you with less closet junk and impulse purchases which cloud your vision of personal style and clutter your closet!

PRO-TIP: make sure you configure a system to set these occasions apart: i.e. Dating and Nightlife outfits can be sexier than the other options, yet everyday looks can be more casual. Try it out next time you shop casually or with girlfriends, especially in bigger department stores!

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