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Hot or Not: Kim Kardashian vs. Miley Cyrus

Both Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are known for having very different, respective personal styles. Therefore, when they both try an all-denim look, they adapt it in very different ways.. Here, we see Miley wearing all denim in a very casual, bohemian way. She pairs her cutoffs and jean jacket with a vintage band t-shirt, retro sunglasses, and tennis shoes. This look is ideal for going out on the weekends, to the beach, or running errands.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-16-at-12.19.40-AMKim, on the other hand, glamorized her all-denim look by making it more dressy and chic. She paired a denim pencil skirt and an un-buttoned denim shirt with nude heels and bold black sunglasses. Unlike Miley’s look, Kim’s outfit could work for the office, a lunch date, or any generally more stylish outings.

What do you think, is Kim or Miley’s all-denim look hotter? Does denim have a place in more glamourous occasions, or should girls stick to styling denim casually?


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