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Hot or Not: Kate Upton vs. Padma Lakshmi

This week, both Kate Upton and Padma Lakshmi were seen out and about in white evening wear, both styled very differently.


Upton opted for classic white suiting for an American Express event honoring Stella McCartney. Her look was sleek and formal, yet quite masculine– a contrast against her usually sexy image and attire. Nevertheless, the look remained classic.

Lakshmi, on the other hand, chose a more feminine interpretation of white evening wear, with a floor-length gown for the Louis Vuitton / Whitney Museum party. Her gown, like Upton’s suit, was classic while not too revealing. However, her look was a bit more elegant and fashionable.

Does white evening wear for women have to be restricted to these classic looks? Does it work better feminine or masculine? You decide, and leave your comments below!

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