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#SonamSurprise – Sonam Kapoor’s New App

Bollywood’s resident fashionista, Sonam Kapoor, has followed in the footsteps of celebrities from the West by launching her own app. Developed in partnership with Disciple Media, the app allows access to fans of the actress who want to keep in touch with her round the clock.

Active on social media and well-known in fashion circles around the world, Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of star Anil Kapoor. She has been praised for her fashion sense over the years, sometimes her style meriting more praise than her acting skills.

Through the Sonam Kapoor’s New App, followers can not only learn more about their favorite star but it also offers exclusive content, including a special Sonam Live feature, where she will sharing live video feed from her location at that time.

The app is named after her (it’s called Sonam Kapoor) and you can download it on iOS or Android right away. Though still a work in progress, it’s pretty much in its final iteration. In addition to information about herself, Sonam also plans to share book reviews, as she is an avid reader.



No doubt, this can be a revolutionary step in Bollywood and Sonam could be a trailblazer for other celebs to launch their own apps.

To download the App you can visit:

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