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Fragrance: Lalique de Lalique Plumes 2015 Limited Edition

A renowned name during the Art Deco movement, Lalique has been creating dazzling crystal pieces since the early 1900s. Originally a manufacturer of the now iconic satin-finished vases, bowls, and statuettes, Lalique’s complex decorative designs soon extended to incorporate the exquisite perfume bottles still sought after today.

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Steeped in the brand’s rich history, the much-anticipated 2015 limited edition Lalique perfume bottle draws inspiration from fragrance houses past. Designed by Rene Lalique in 1910, the original crystal flacon, entitled “Petites Feuilles,” features small rosemary leaves. The 2015 version, though similar in shape and style, boasts a feather design etched into the glass. The lavish plumage covers the body and softly rounded edges of the bottle, a design both romantic and elegant. Reminiscent of the gracefulness and beauty of birds, this updated motif can also be seen in the bottle’s stopper, which is adorned with two birds in the heart of a rosette formed by finely ribbed palm fronds – an echo of the “Genevieve” powder box lid designed by Lalique in 1920.

Portrait of Rene Lalique

Portrait of Rene Lalique

2015 Limited Edition Lalique de Lalique perfume

2015 Limited Edition Lalique de Lalique perfume – $ 1,800.00

Sketch of the 1910 “Petites Feuilles” bottle

Sketch of the 1910 “Petites Feuilles” bottle

Creating a Masterpiece 

The new, limited edition Lalique perfume bottle exhibits the brand’s superior standards, which begin with design and continue until each piece is complete. No fewer than four glassmakers are required to forge each handcrafted bottle. In the multi-step process, the crystal is heated to 1150 degrees Celsius and formed in a wooden shaping block before being placed in a cast iron mold where it is heated to 400 degrees Celsius and slowly cooled for seven hours to prevent cracking or breaking.

Once the bottle has cooled, cutting and polishing are performed. As a final touch, each bottle is signed, numbered, and decorated with Lalique perfumes’ signature baudruchage seal and gold thread.

The limited edition perfume in an impressive gift box

The limited edition perfume in an impressive gift box

Floral Notes 

A quintessentially feminine scent, Lalique de Lalique perfume features notes of rose, iris and jasmine. A musky vanilla base adds depth to the floral fragrance, while blackcurrant leaves, blackberry, and pear offer a fruity hint. These very different notes combine to create the perfect balance of tart fruit, soft florals and warm spices, a scent that reads both sensual and fresh.

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